Why a high-quality coat never goes out of fashion

A good coat is a must-have, regardless of your individual style. What's more: a high-quality coat is able to adapt to any style and, in the best case, harmonises with all your wardrobe. It's the same with the luxurious coats from VSP that you can discover in this category.

For our luxurious main line, we have designed leather coats that convince and enchant with their classic chic and plenty of elegance. The finest materials paired with timeless cuts merge into fashionable creations that are second to none.

Leather for spring and summer, shearling for autumn and winter.

With the luxury brand VSP you are always well dressed. Whether in cool winter or warm summer temperatures, the coats from VSP accompany you perfectly through every season and always make you look stylish.

VSP coats for balmy days

Our products made of light, soft shearling leather are ideal as fashionable throws when the evenings get a little chilly in late summer. The chic models in earthy shades of black, brown and grey go perfectly with casual jeans as well as with a dress or skirt.

VSP coats for cold winter days

It's getting cold and windy in autumn - winter is here? VSP will equip you perfectly with exclusive coats. Discover warmly lined coats made of the finest shearling leather, which will wrap you up extremely comfortably and protect you from the cold, even in cold winds. Each model exudes timeless elegance and fits perfectly with your existing wardrobe - because discreet understatement is the goal with every coat design. Choose from classic black, brown or grey - or add a stylish accent with a luxury coat in charming dark red.

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