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leather vest

Cool and elegant at the same time - with the sleeveless look of a leather vest, every outfit becomes an eye-catcher. A leather vest with lambskin not only looks classy, it also keeps the body comfortably warm without being too constricting.

Vests are particularly useful if you get cold quickly, but of course don't want to keep your winter coat on indoors. A leather vest with fur does not have the same effect on an outfit as a leather coat - the shearling leather vest is much more an integral part of the outfit and can undoubtedly also be worn in closed rooms.

Leather vest for women long or short?

With us you will find a leather vest for women in different lengths. A short leather vest with fur is a classic. It is versatile, can also be hung over the handbag very practically, as it does not take up much space. It can also be combined with almost any other piece of clothing. For example, it can also be wonderfully worn under a winter coat - as an additional warming layer. Or over a light down jacket to increase the warming effect.

A long leather vest for women that goes up to the knees or even above them is a real fashion eye-catcher. It looks great in combination with wide Marlene trousers, elegant midi skirts or tight-fitting jeans. Its length keeps the whole body warm, so it is often enough to combine it with a light turtleneck sweater, for example.

Leather vest in motorcycle style or the classic - which style should it be?

When choosing the right leather vest, the style is of course also decisive: You can judge for yourself whether a classic leather lambskin vest, a chic timeless vest made of fine wool or a leather vest in biker style best suits your wardrobe.

Ultimately, however, it just comes down to personal taste. The good news: A leather vest can be combined with most items of clothing to create new, exciting or classic, simple outfits.

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