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Pure luxury with VSP

With the main line VSP, we have created a fashion line that combines luxurious materials with pure style. The femininity of every woman is to be staged and underlined with pieces from VSP. The focus is on understatement: classic cuts are combined with a fine sense of style and aesthetics to create perfect fashion. Using more than 30 years of experience, the highest quality leathers are creatively combined to create timelessly elegant fashion pieces that stand on their own and exude a luxurious flair even without complementary accessories. Each design has its own unique effect and tells of exceptional fashion creation.

Discover the finest from VSP that will add a luxurious favourite to your wardrobe that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Leather jackets and coats for every season

Whether it's spring, summer, autumn or winter - you'll always be well dressed in a leather jacket or a chic leather coat. To ensure that you feel comfortable, depending on the prevailing temperature, different types of leather are used in our VSP designs. This results in models ranging from light to cozy and warm, so that you can find something suitable for every season.

VSP jackets and coats for the mild temperatures of spring and summer are made from 100% finest leather, which provides a soft, particularly comfortable fit. Those jackets and coats for the cooler seasons are made from 100% shearling leather, which wraps you in cosy softness and warmth. You can also get combinations of high-quality wool fabric and lambskin in this category.

Look forward to subtle colours that make each of the luxury pieces from VSP stand out all the more. These allow you unlimited combination possibilities for your existing clothing.

Luxury on the arm

Add extra value to your outfit by complementing it with one of VSP's luxurious accessories. In our shop you will find a selection of timelessly chic bags made from the best quality shearling leather. These practical shoulder bags, which impress with their simple, modern design, are ideal for everyday use, for a shopping trip or for the way to the office.

The different coloured leather clutches are chic yet casual, making them ideal companions for evening events.

Luxury at the neck

On cold winter days, VSP neck warmers give you a chic accessory that protects you from chilly winds and adds a fashionable touch. These neck warmers are made of 100% shearling leather and, unlike a scarf or shawl, are closed with leather straps. Look forward to an extraordinary haute couture look and the finest quality that will delight you.

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