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The most beautiful casual winter jacket

Shearling jackets

You don't want to go without your leather jacket even on cooler days? Don't worry, you don't need to. Because we offer you beautiful lambskin jackets for women.

The classic lambskin jackets protect against wind and cold and, depending on the model, also look really fashionable, rocky or elegant. The special thing about a shearling jacket is that the smooth leather side is worn on the outside, while the warming fur is on the inside.

This has the advantage that you don't have to do without your beloved leather jacket look, even when the temperatures drop. Because our leather jackets with fur offer warmth and a high level of comfort. They are soft and cozy on the skin and are therefore the ideal jacket companion.

Shearling jackets for women: real statement pieces

Our classic shearling jackets for women are waist-length and form-fitting. We carry shearling jackets with different zippers or with buttons. Many of our premium models also have a high-closing collar and tight closures around the waist and wrists, which provide additional protection against wind and weather.

The professionally processed and dyed leather for our shearling women's sheepskin jackets has, in addition to its weatherproof properties, other advantages: The material is very robust, yet extremely flexible and breathable.

Sheepskin jackets: a fashionable all-rounder

With us you will find a variety of different women's leather jackets made of lambskin. The look of our jackets differs not only due to the special color, but also due to the different cuts, a skillful mix of materials and fashionable details on the lambskin jacket.

A biker jacket with fur gives your outfit a certain coolness and goes perfectly with your casual looks. The true-to-original or more classic models, on the other hand, appear a little more restrained and less conspicuous. You can harmoniously complement any outfit with these lambskin jackets.

Our women’s sheepskin jackets are a fashionable investment that you will benefit from for a long time. Quality always pays off and you can see this in our lambskin jackets.

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