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the most beautiful decorative accessories

Lambskin pillows and leather pillows

Would you like to redesign your house or apartment? Or maybe you are just looking for a few new ideas for decorating your home. In any case, we have the right thing for you here. Because our lambskin pillows and leather pillows really beautify every room.

What makes the leather or lambskin pillows so special? They are the perfect combination of a stylish interior and unique cosiness. With a set of lambskin pillows, for example, you can conjure up warmth and comfort in your room in no time at all. Draped on the sofa or chairs, they are ideally suited to create a visual eye-catcher.

Exclusive accessories

Of course, our fur pillows are also characterized by their high quality. The high-quality workmanship can be seen immediately on the premium lambskin pillow. Our sheepskin pillows or the light and gray lambskin pillows are particularly soft and cozy to the touch. With their elegant look, they enrich the atmosphere in each of your rooms.

In addition to our rectangular and round fur pillows, there is of course also the classic square version. You also have the choice between cozy lambskin and sheepskin pillows, but also variants made from exclusive smooth leather. Especially with the leather cushions, which are provided with lambskin details, you can rely on an exceptionally stylish look.

Splendid highlights in the decorative heaven

These special leather cushions in shearling design are a natural composition of the finest smooth leather and cozy lambskin. We would like to offer you unique decorative highlights that cause a stir and delight in equal measure. The timelessly stylish home accessories in our collections include, above all, the black leather cushions. They look extremely elegant and very tasteful. The same applies, of course, to our fine leather cushions in cognac.

With our lambskin and leather pillows, you invest in exclusive quality and high craftsmanship. We only use leather from leather manufacturers who are environmentally conscious.

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