Companions for the cold days

scarves and neck warmers

Biting wind pulls into the jacket collar, and the cold gradually spreads - it doesn't have to be like that: With a cozy neck warmer made of lambskin or a lambskin scarf, a fresh breeze will no longer come to your neck.

The noble lambskin nestles gently around the neck and provides a cozy warmth. The neck warmers can of course also be combined particularly well with our lambskin coats. They simply round off the winter outfit.

Sheepskin neck warmers for women are stylish and elegant at the same time. They go with every outfit, are a real eye-catcher and can be combined in numerous variants.

How to wear the lambskin neck warmers

Most of our neck warmers for women can be worn on both sides, which means you can easily choose the style that goes with your outfit.

Would you like something extra cozy around the neck? Then put the fur side inwards. The smooth leather side faces outwards. Worn the other way around, the cozy lambskin side complements the look of your outfit in a special way and is a special eye-catcher.

The agony of choice: decide on the right neck warmer

Our neck warmers come in different styles and colors. But how can you decide on the right model? A tip for the color choice: Look into your existing wardrobe and choose a color that you can combine with as many of your coats, jackets and vests as possible. Because with these items of clothing you will primarily wear the neck warmer.

Once you've decided on a color, the next thing to do is decide on a look. A neck warmer fleece made of short lambskin gives a clean look. You can probably combine it with as many items of clothing as possible.

A neck warmer made of cuddly, longer lambskin is the more luxurious and eye-catching variant. It goes best with simple coats and jackets.

It doesn't matter which neck warmer you choose: It is sure to be a reliable everyday companion that will keep you warm.

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