"Timeless Silhouettes with Timeless Materials"

 VSP is defined by an innovative history. One that marries artistic craft with technical evolution. This creative balance exists within each of the collections. Our portfolio consists of the VSP mainline and the affordable luxury line VESPUCCI by VSP.

Our teams are formed of designers and craftsmen, who achieve synergy through contrast. The results are tactile collections that innovate with leather and shearling, weave, and knit-mixing materials to create timeless forms. 


The VSP mainline embodies timeless designs with a feminine spirit. The pinnacle collection is underpinned by 35 years of creative experimentation in leather, shearling, knits, and special fabrics.

The feminine style, innovation, and a sensitivity to technical craft are woven into everything we do.  Our messages are emotive and warm but understated. They reflect that VSP is its own entity-one engaged in a constant process of innovation.

Redefining luxury in an innovative concept, VESPUCCI by VSP aims to make its timeless collections, more accessible, functional, and long-lived.

To celebrate the modern women and men, the unique collection uses genuine leather and shearling, woven coats, jackets, pants, skirts, and innovative accessory designs.

VESPUCCI by VSP | MEN stands out with its timeless collections that instill a sense of confidence and style.

To celebrate the synergy between design and craft, the Men collection uses shearling and leather coats, jackets, pants, and innovative bags.